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Acts of Kindness & Heroism by Madison Police Officers: A Chronicle

Posted by on Sep 8, 2017 |

Madison police officers not only keep us safe, but they regularly display acts of kindness and heroism that extend far beyond the scope of their duties. Whether it’s offering comfort to a homeless person, playing hoops with neighborhood kids, staying in touch with victims of heinous crimes (looking at you, Chief Koval), or saving a helpless animal, our cops have proven that they are top-grade human beings.

With all the negativity surrounding law enforcement – both nationwide and locally – and officer morale still being impacted, let’s show Madison’s Finest how much they mean to us. I’m starting a page where those of you who love and support our PD can express that. Do you have a positive story to share about about one of Madison’s Finest? Some kind act you were the recipient of or witnessed from afar? This is the place to do it.

I’ve seen a lot of good come from this department and so have many stories to share, but I’ll start with this deeply-touching example . . .

I was downtown on business when I saw a police officer approach a group of homeless with a large plastic bag of household items. He’d take out a towel and say in a gentle voice “Can anyone use this? It’s as good a towel as any” then went on to the next item. He did it with such care and concern in his voice, unaware that I was watching him.

He reminded me of a loving father or priest. And by the looks on the crowd’s faces, it was apparent they had nothing but respect and trust in this officer. I wish I had gotten this officer’s name, because I would have written a commendation.

The public is often not made aware of the acts of kindness and heroism our cops display – so let’s show them.

What’s your story? Add it here for everyone to see.


–Paula Fitzsimmons