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Are Some Members of the Madison Common Council Placing Roadblocks?

Posted by on Nov 10, 2017 |

We just got finished celebrating the re-introduction of Alder Paul Skidmore’s pro-cop funding amendment (which managed to snag six co-sponsors), when wham-bam, one of the council’s cabal introduced an amendment of their own. Seems their proposals are designed to defund and kill Paul’s amendments – the local match for the COPS grant, and the body worn camera pilot project.

They’re using the excuse of Let’s wait until the OIR completes its assessment, to which I reply, Can you be any more obvious?  If these amendments are approved, the pilot project would be dead, as would the prospect of hiring additional patrol officers in 2018.


The budget can be voted on as early as Monday, November 13th. We are making progress. Several alders have budged because of your letters, but we need to keep up the pace. You can use this pre-filled letter (which you can choose to personalize) and it will be mailed directly to Mayor Soglin and all members of the common council.


The alders could profess their respect and support of Madison PD all they want. It’s their actions that speak volumes. For example, at a recent committee meeting when Alder Denise DeMarb publicly rebuked Paul for introducing his amendment, accusing him of having nefarious motives, she added an Of course police are important sentiment. If that’s the case, why does she and some of her colleagues seem to make it as difficult as possible to secure funding for the Madison PD?

Because if you’re an alder who claims to value police, doesn’t it seem reasonable that you’d want to work with your colleagues to actively find money for cops? Or at the very least, not erect roadblocks for those who are trying to fix the problem?

You can read details about the amendments to defund Paul’s COPS grant here, and body worn camera pilot project here.

In case you don’t have time to pore through the documents, here are the basic details:


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Capital Budget, Amendment #9: Alders Bidar-Sielaff, DeMarb, Eskrich, Martin, Kemble

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Operating Budget, Amendment #10: Alders Kemble, Rummel, Hall, Carter, Baldeh


You know what, though? This was expected. Setbacks and challenges (much more mountainous than this) are a reality of activism.

–Paula Fitzsimmons