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Write to Mayor Soglin & Madison Common Council Urging Them to Vote Yes on Alder Skidmore’s Resolution to Fund More Cops

Dear Madison Police Department Supporter,

This past November during the city budget talks, we lobbied the Madison Common Council, urging them to prioritize the funding of more cops. Alder Paul Skidmore had crafted an amendment to increase Madison PD funding; it hinged on our winning the US Department of Justice’s COPS grant. Had we won, the city would have had the ability to fund the hiring of 15 additional cops.

That we didn’t win the COPS grant was disappointing, but the fight’s not over: Paul has penned a new resolution that if it passes, will earmark funding for an additional eight cops plus three marked squad cars in the 2018 budget.

Although eight cops is not the ideal, it’s better than the alternative. So we have to try. And we need you to write Mayor Soglin and common council, urging them to vote YES in January to Alder Skidmore’s resolution to amend the 2018 Adopted Operating Budget of the Police Department to authorize the addition of eight (8) patrol officer positions and the purchase of three (3) marked squad cars.

Paul’s original amendment passed by 14 to 6, a feat that some said would never happen. We strongly believe the amendment passed because of the large volume of letters they received from Madison PD supporters. This time we need 15 YES votes for the resolution to pass, so we have work ahead.

To send your letter, simply fill in the required fields then press Send Your LetterIt will be emailed directly to Mayor Soglin and all 20 members of the Madison common council. Feel free to personalize the letter, or send it in its current format. Emails are collected on our backend because of how the software is built, but we promise not to sell or rent yours to anyone.

Tech FYIs: When you press Send Your Letter, the button will appear faded, but it’s still working and your letter will get through.

Please share this page with anyone you know who supports our stellar force. The more people who write in, the better our chances of securing the votes we need to hire more cops.

Our cops need you more than ever. Let’s bring in a big win for them and the city.

Thanks for your support!

–Paula Fitzsimmons

Write to Mayor Soglin & Madison Common Council Urging Them to Vote Yes on Alder Skidmore’s Resolution to Fund More Cops


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